Bonsai Tree Care

Bonsai is a unique hobby and bonsai tree care is essential to keep your plant thriving. People grow bonsai as a business but mbonsai tree careore commonly bonsai growers are enthusiasts who love the relaxing properties that the hobby brings.

Bonsai traditionally were sourced from forests in the mountains surrounding cities in Japan – what the growers were looking for were stunted growth pine trees. These plants were then brought down from the mountains and potted hence the name bonsai which loosely translates to tree in a pot.

Bonsai Tree Care

Bonsai can be grown indoor or outdoors regardless of the variety.

However looking after bonsai trees does take some care as certain varieties prefer more sunlight than others. Putting the wrong bonsai variety in too much sunlight might have detrimental effects on its health.

Overall most bonsai like natural light and hence should get a good frequent dose. Ficus ginseng are one tropical bonsai variety that are commonly used in6015799106_b3c6dd3892_zdoors and don’t require massive amounts of sunlight.

One description I quite like of bonsai is the bonsai is not frozen in time in precisely the shape you like never to change never to die. It’s still a living plant and must be carefully tended and pruned to remain the way you want it to be.

It’s also important to remember to give your bonsai a regular misting of water as this will keep the plant in good shape.

Depending on the variety of bonsai it’s also crucial to re-pot every year or so to maintain good quality soil – when re-potting its a good trick also to remove about a third of the roots and tease them out.

When looking after bonsai trees pruning is one of those things which cannot be taught as such, you will make mistakes. The best tip is always just to keep to the basics of the particular bonsai style until you have become comfortable that you know what you are doing and can experiment with the style.

Bonsai tree care is not difficult and some species are easier to care for than others. Information is readily available but it is in the doing that your knowledge becomes a skill, and depending on your interest and enjoyment whether you have one or several bonsai trees in your home and or garden.

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