Native Acacia Bonsai

Acacia is a plant variety predominant in Australia where some 960 of the 1300 species are found. Acacia including Acacia bonsaiAcacia bonsai are scattered elsewhere around the world as far afield as Madagascar and Asia and the Americas.

More commonly in Australia the species is known as Wattle and the Acacia Pycnantha or Golden Wattle makes up the Australian floral emblem. The species as a whole is found throughout the southern hemisphere.

Acacia Bonsai

Acacia as the post suggests can be formed into a bonsai and are quite an easy bonsai to grow and care for. Acacia are an outdoor evergreen and as such any bonsai equivalent should be given as much natural sunlight during the summer months and brought in during winter. The Acacia bonsai trademark is its feather like medium sized green leaves and iAcacia Bonsain some varieties thorny branches.

The plant variety itself is going through somewhat of a renaissance as a plant favored by landscapers keen to emulate Australian Native Landscapes. At we use the Acacia extensively in our gardens.

Care of Acacia Bonsai Tree

Caring for an Acacia bonsai is a fairly straight forward process and involves as mentioned above plenty of sun.

Watering of this variety of bonsai responds quite well to a watering with most experts suggesting that two waters a day during summer will see your bonsai thrive and produce strong, lush green leaves.

Feeding your plant at least every two to three weeks with a good low nitrogen fertilizer is essential and will result in a healthy bloom and will have your plant begging to be pruned, wired and made into something truly beautiful.

I suggest re-potting every three years with a proper well draining bonsai soil and do not be shy when trimming the roots as your Acacia bonsai will respond to a significant pruning. The plant is susceptible to all your typical bugs and pests so do keep an eye out for anything untoward.

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