Tips For A Thriving Ficus Ginseng

With this blog and a heap of research I have compiled what I hope will give you every chance to have a healthy and  thriving ginseng ficus. There are a number of aspects to consider in caring for a ficus ginseng but  we here cover the basics.


Bonsai Ginseng Health Tips

1. Ventilation

To begin with, it’s important to understand that a healthy ficus ginseng is a result of a combination of ventilation, good air flow and a decent amount of natural light.

2. Water

Of course water is also important but the bonsai ginseng variety is as we all know a very hardy plant and is quite forgiving if it doesn’t get much water for a period. However, to get the best results keep moist and water every week or so, making sure not to soak the plant. A gentle mist will do!

3. Soil

If you are planting your ficus ginseng from a cutting use a good mix of soil, sand and crushed rock that allows for drainage along with an adequate drainage scInterior, beautiful loft, luxurious bedroomreen.

4. Light

While the ficus ginseng can survive in low light conditions, it not surprisingly – given its tropical heritage – will thrive in a well-lit natural light area. So find a part of your house which is both open to a good amount of sun and has fresh air. Another tip is to fertilize every so often.

5. Pruning

Finally, pruning your ficus ginseng bonsai should be done regularly to encourage growth and give it the required shape of a beautiful bonsai. Use a concave cutter to avoid noticeable scarring on the trunk or roots.

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai

These tips for a thriving ficus ginseng will ensure you have covered all bases to ensure your bonsai remains healthy and disease free.  Regardless of  where  in your home you decide your  bonsai will live, you will enjoy a happy ficus ginseng bonsai. 😀

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