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There are plenty of places to purchase bonsai in Melbourne, you just have to look in the right places. Bonsai is an ever growing hobby and it continues to come along in leaps and bounds in Melbourne.

melbourne australiaBest Melbourne Recommendations

Some of the best places to purchase bonsai in Melbourne I have listed below:

Orient Bonsai Nursery in Reservoir, Melbourne; they are importers, wholesalers and retailers of pots, tools and accessories for bonsai. They conduct demonstrations and courses are held every second Sunday between 10am and 12:30pm.

Bonsai Flora in Yarraville, Melbourne; this is a family run business and can be visited by appointment only, they have a number of different varieties of bonsai to choose from as well as unglazed pots for conifers and glazed pots for broad leaves, deciduous trees. Pots sold are of the highest quality and made in Japan.

Bonsai Boy in Yarraville, Melbourne; sell bonsai and offer a range of services and expertise including spiritual and horticural enlightment, they also rent out bonsai, something a little different but may interest.

Bonsai Art in Heatherton, Melbourne; run by Trevor McComb who has been growing and selling bonsai for nearly 30 years. His knowledge and passion for these plants is evident in the quality of trees and the professional advice and assistance available at the nursery. Have all the generic services of pot and plants sales.

There are plenty of other places to purchase bonsai in Melbourne including at your local nursery, however don’t expect the biggest range.

Bonsai Online

You don’t live in Melbourne Australia……well look at alternative sources including some online bonsai outlets. While these options are growing and becoming easy to access, it is not the same experience as browsing bonsai in a nursery and chatting to directly with the growers.

If you are new to bonsai and not sure what to buy, then consider the ficus ginseng as it is really great beginner plant.

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