Caring For Your Ficus Ginseng

One of th1blue_findoutmore2.gife great things about ficus ginseng is that its so easy to grow and an easy care bonsai. For that reason alone it’s no surprise that this little plant is booming around the world. Just have a look how many are for sale on eBay or Amazon.

With its distinctive roots that are usually exposed and thick trunk below a beautiful canopy of dark green leaves its the perfect indoor plant or indeed outdoor if you live in the right humid tropical conditions.


Ficus Bonsai Care

When I say its perfect for indoors, it does need some natural light, so leaving it on a window sill or near some large ficus ginseng plated windows would be best. It will naturally thrive in well lit environments.

This ficus ginseng despite being an easy plant to grow does need a little care. Water in the winter and if you’re impatient why not throw a bit of fertilizer in the soil, but of course don’t over do it.

Given the plant’s origins are in the rainforest, try to emulate its surroundings, so instead of a really strong heavy watering, the ficus ginseng prefers a delicate and regular misting more similar to its life in a tropical rainforest. So at the office I like to use a little bottle with a nice misting nozzle.

When it comes to re-potting your ficus ginseng, there are no set rules. However, like anything the more you care for it, the better chance it will have to grow and thrive. So I recommend re-potting (if you can) at least once a year with well draining soil.

There you have it, caring for a ficus ginseng is not that difficult and this little plant will reward your efforts with ease…..purchase a ficus bonsai and place it into your home and enjoy.

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