Bonsai Ginseng – A Symbol for the Asian Culture

Bonsai ginseng is an important part of the bonsai culture, one of the most famous Japanese arts, and it symbolizes one of the best-known Asian traditions. Bonsai art appeared over a millennium ago in the Chinese Empire,and at the time it was known as penzai. It was soon adapted and redefined by the Japanese and then spread all over the South-East Asian regions. Translated literally as tree in a tray, the bonsai culture includes different species of miniature trees. Bonsai Ginseng-Ficus Retusa Ginseng bonsai also known as ficus retusa, Banyan fig or ficus ginseng,is one of the most famous bonsai … Continue reading

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Losing Leaves

Causes and Solutions to Bonsai Ginseng Losing Leaves Even though the ficus ginseng bonsai does not require intensive and sophisticated care, there are a few aspects that you should be careful about, one of them being your ginseng bonsai losing leaves. It is quite a common issue that occurs due to number of reasons. However be assured the problem of your ficus ginseng or any bonsai losing leaves and not thriving is faced by many bonsai growers, especially by newbies. Causes of Bonsai Losing Leaves There are various causes for the yellowing and then dropping of the ficus ginseng leaves … Continue reading

Top Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Accessories That Make Perfect Gifts

bonsai ficus pair kokedama

The ficus ginseng bonsai accessories are the perfect gifts for someone who is passionate about bonsai trees. The ginseng bonsai is a beautiful oriental houseplant and one of the most appreciated trees among bonsai growers. Whether you grow it in your own house or you’re offering it as a present, the ficus ginseng bonsai will be always a great choice because it is known in the bonsai world as the plant of beginners. On the other hand, if you already know a bonsai lover, a couple of  bonsai accessories for their bonsai tree will definitely be the perfect gift. Below … Continue reading

Forms For Ficus Ginseng

Versatile and hardy, the ficus ginseng is a bonsai that can easily be adapted to any bonsai form or style. Understanding the different forms for ficus ginseng will allow you to better plan and sculpt your tree. Overall there are many forms which a bonsai can take and it is up to you as the bonsai tree grower to identify the form which will best suit and thus train the tree in that particular form. Best Forms for Ficus Ginseng Forms for ficus bonsai which I think work best include the multiple trunk form, group plantings and raft forms as … Continue reading

Acacia Bonsai

I’ve written about Acacia bonsai before on this blog but I think it’s important to show you guys also just how you go about caring for one of these trees. I stumbled across this video on youtube and it does do the plant justice, hence why I though it’d be worthwhile posting this video on this particular bonsai.  Care of Rabbits Foot Acacia Bonsai  

Buxus Bonsai

The buxus bonsai is part of a family of over 70 species of evergreen shrub with its common name being box or boxwood as it is known in North America. Buxus Bonsai a Perfect Bonsai Plant It is a plant perfect for bonsai with its immaculate small green leaves and rough bark giving it a very natural ‘tree’ feel. This species of plant is common in many places but predominantly found in tropical to sub-tropical regions around the world with the most density of species in Cuba and China. As mentioned above the buxus bonsai have small leaves ranging in length from … Continue reading

Native Acacia Bonsai

Acacia is a plant variety predominant in Australia where some 960 of the 1300 species are found. Acacia including Acacia bonsai are scattered elsewhere around the world as far afield as Madagascar and Asia and the Americas. More commonly in Australia the species is known as Wattle and the Acacia Pycnantha or Golden Wattle makes up the Australian floral emblem. The species as a whole is found throughout the southern hemisphere. Acacia Bonsai Acacia as the post suggests can be formed into a bonsai and are quite an easy bonsai to grow and care for. Acacia are an outdoor evergreen and as … Continue reading

Bonsai Melbourne

There are plenty of places to purchase bonsai in Melbourne, you just have to look in the right places. Bonsai is an ever growing hobby and it continues to come along in leaps and bounds in Melbourne. Best Melbourne Recommendations Some of the best places to purchase bonsai in Melbourne I have listed below: Orient Bonsai Nursery in Reservoir, Melbourne; they are importers, wholesalers and retailers of pots, tools and accessories for bonsai. They conduct demonstrations and courses are held every second Sunday between 10am and 12:30pm. Bonsai Flora in Yarraville, Melbourne; this is a family run business and can be … Continue reading

Bonsai With Japanese Maples

The Japanese maple variety is perhaps one of my favourite varieties of plant in which to bonsai. Having said that, to bonsai with Japanese maples takes patience as it is a slow growing deciduous plant. It is native of Japan, but also China and Korea and grows well in most climates. Through my experience I have noticed it is quite a robust and hardy tree which is difficult to kill. Over the years I have both grown Japanese maple as a tree in itself from seedlings, but also turned many into bonsai and at this very moment I have two seedlings about 5 … Continue reading

Bonsai Podocarpus

One of my favourite non ficus ginseng varieties of bonsai is bonsai podocarpus. Bonsai podocarpus is from the pine variety of trees and has several sub-categories including podocarpus alpinus – a dwarf form, podocarpus macrophylla or Buddhist pine, podocarpus macrophylla Maki, podocarpus nagi or yellowwood which is native of Japan, China and Taiwan and lastly podocarpus nivalis an alpine tree. All varieties have the distinctive dense, green pine needles with some varieties growing as high as 30 metres. With its rich dark green foliage it is in my opinion one of the more beautiful varieties of bonsai which can be survive both indoor and … Continue reading