Bonsai Ginseng As An Investment?

Bonsai is a mixture of both art form and horticulture but indeed it can also be a great opportunity as a bonsai investment, including bonsai ginseng which has the potential gain value over time.

The bonsai below is a 300 year old five needle pine which recently sold in a private sale in Japan for 100million JPY or the equivalent of 1.2million AUD.

300 year old bonsai investmentBonsai Valuation

You might wonder what makes this plant just so valuable? And the answer is just as mystical.

When a professional investor looks to buy a bonsai they look at its “character”, how dynamic it is and how much strength it conveys…In essence a bonsai becomes an extension of oneself and in many ways it is a status symbol just like owning an Andy Warhol painting or a Ferrari. Enthusiasts will often have in their collection a mix of plants including ginseng bonsai.

Alternative Investment

Booming Asian economies are resulting in a new wave of interest in bonsai and pushing prices higher and higher. Twenty years ago a well crafted, well looked after bonsai may have sold for 5,000AUD in Australia, today that same bonsai could sell for much more. It is now not uncommon for bonsai to sell for as much as 20-30K AUD.

Typical buyers of these plants are savvy and include wealthy Chinese investors, finance professional’s and those simply looking for an alternative investment.

Regardless of who the buyer is, bonsai’s are being sold and prices keep moving higher, making them an attractive alternative to traditional investments such as the stock market and artwork.

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